Our Beliefs

At Dust & Salt Design, we believe lighting is the most important feature in a room. 

Lamplight creates a beautiful ambiance which simply can't be achieved with overhead lighting. A well placed lamp adds warmth to a room, sets a lovely mood and creates a feeling of comfort. 

Handcrafted products come from another era, when life was slower and time and care was taken with everything, the times of our grandparents and those before them. We believe it is so important to keep the skills of these generations alive by continuing to create by hand. I've been restoring old furniture since I was a young girl and have such an appreciation of tradition. I cherish the pieces of family furniture that were handed down to me. Nothing of extraordinary monetary value, but so much more important than that. I love the childhood memories which immediately surface when I see a particular item, a chair, a lamp, a vase. With the nostalgia that each evokes, I am transported back to a time when my grandmother was a daily presence in my life. The many hours I spent on her verandah learning to sew, in her kitchen learning to cook on the wood stove, making preserves, bottling fruit, skimming the cream from the top of fresh milk, or making butter and ice cream. These endless hours of my childhood are amongst my most precious memories. 

My mother used to say that we live in a "throw away society" but I feel many are realising the value of restoration and of course the importance of sustainability. I would love to encourage you to think about that inherited piece such as a lamp base, and update it into a fabulous new style for a new generation. Treasure its history in a way that enables you to keep those special people in your life at a glance with a stunningly unique piece.

Express yourself with a statement piece that reflects who you are.

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of the things you love"  - Nate Berkus 


Pictured are a selection of my grandmother's kitchen utensils, some of which we use daily. My children have grown up baking with these treasured pieces, just as I did. The vase of Jonquils I grew from bulbs which came from her country garden on the property where I grew up. I love that this connects us with her to this day.